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The Company You Keep

We all have heard the expression, the company you keep reflects upon who you are as a person. There is even the idea that the five people that you communicate with daily influence your life more than anyone or anything out there.

The truth is the company you keep does matter on many levels, especially during the startup phase of life. Because when you're growing a startup and a business, you're in massive transformation and change. And you need people around you who support that change, that vision, and in turn, support you. It isn't necessarily about having the most positive people around you as much as people who have your back.

When you are around people who get you, you have good connections and good ties. Energetically, they bring you up. They bring your spirits up, allowing your mind to be more creative. Also, the literal connections that you make can be potential contacts and collaborations.

But the energetic connections that you make also help make you be your best. It makes your copy sound better. Your social media posts sound better. Because when you're coming from a place of stress or self-doubt, all of that feeds into everything you do online, offline, visually, and verbally.

If you want to make your sales better, your marketing smarter, and have more clients say yes to you, then you better be careful about the company you keep and make sure that the people around you believe in you, have your back, and are positive influences all around.

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