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No matter what your life looks like, someone somewhere will find it fascinating. Far too often, we are so caught up in our own lives that we can’t see why anyone would find any of this interesting. Yet do not use our lives to our advantage is a waste of, well, our life.

So if you are wondering what to post or share to truly build the impressions you are making to your ultimate success, consider these questions.

  • Does this person or activity influence my life?

  • Does this bring me joy or happiness?

  • Do I have a unique perspective?

  • Do most people never experience this?

  • Is there a lot of misconception?

  • Would others find it a luxury?

  • Do others envy it?

And once you have answered those questions. Always answers with a “Yes?”

  • Does this truly reflect my intentions both short and long-term wise?

If the impression you are making shows one of these questions in action, then guess what you are using in your life to your brand’s and impressions advantage.

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