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What Are The Real Numbers

When we're talking about numbers, when it comes to creating social proof and social media, many people instantly think of followers. But no, far too often, as entrepreneurs, we fail to look at the numbers of what it costs to get that lead.

Yep, that ROI of it all.

ROI is just simply sometimes way too difficult to quantify. How much time did it take to get this one prospect? Especially when you're relationship-focused, it can be a challenge to get that ROI. How good are you at building relationships? I don't know, ask your last boyfriend.

When it comes to understanding the numbers and what it takes to grow your social media influence or just your social proof overall. We have to take a step back and say, where are we investing our time and energy, and where are we just wasting time? Especially when it comes to social media and any kind of online engagement, far too often, we as entrepreneurs play more than we work.

We're not focused on getting something created quickly; we're just focused on, "Oh, look, that's a shiny object. Oh, look, that's another really interesting thing. I wonder what this is all about." We get sidetracked way too easily, so therefore, our numbers don't give us an accurate description of what our ROI is.

Take a pause. And for the next two weeks, be very diligent about doing your work efficiently. As if when you are turning your computer off for the day, if you had a 9-5 job and you could no longer get online or do anything after hours, you had to get your work done during a certain timeframe.

It's amazing how you're going to be less sidetracked and more focused on making sure that your work gets done promptly, which will help not just your ROI from a logistical perspective. But it'll also help your ROI from a relationship perspective. You know, and I know that when you have a limited time with the one you love, you make the most out of it. You are about creating as many experiences and as many memories as you can in one timeframe. That's going to help grow your relationships faster, also giving you better ROI.

When looking at the numbers, what's it taking to create the social proof, create the influence, and build that social media, don't just look at the time being spent. Look at what real-time is being spent. Focus your energies, and guess what? It's not just going to make your ROI better. It's going to make the relationships better, too.

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