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What Roots Your Passion

Whether you intend to build your startup into a legacy brand, a sellable corporation, or just have some financial fun at the moment- you are the common thread. You must like and enjoy this business, at least at the moment, to invest your time, energy, and resources into it.

What is it about this project that has your passions going?

If you are unsure, you better find some clarity quickly. Because without clarity, most likely, your thrill-seeking interest will fade fast, and this will be for naught.

One way to find this clarity is understanding what drives your passion from a personality perspective. Neuro Emotional Relationship Intelligence® (NERI®) uses your biology, psychological programming, subconscious perceptions, and relational triggers to best understand what drives and motivates you in life.

The cool thing is that once you know your unique combination (typically a blend of 2-3 of the profiles), you can see what about your startup has your juices flowing. What it also shows you is how to best keep you in the creative flow, not get bored or burnt out.

Want to know what NERI® combination you are? Click here

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