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What Your Purse Really Says About You

No matter what your purse “go to” style is the way you organize it says a lot about who you are. From neatly facing bills to wads of cash stuffed away, your handbag says a lot about how you view yourself, money, and success.

Neat, Organized, Mobile Office

When function trump's fashion, the mobile office says that you are all about efficiency and get the job done. No need to waste time, let’s get down to work. When it comes to money you are by the book and know that you need to be paid for your smarts. Success is not an option it is a done deal for the way you approach life.


The minimalist approach makes you stay organized no matter how messy you tend to be. This approach says you know your potential weaknesses and you make sure to set yourself up for success by creating situations that any “weakness” won’t show. Efficiency is key when it comes to your style and your money. No need to waste time sending bills - auto deposit is your best friend. Success is something else that will be automatic as you know how to use your strengths to your advantage.

Everything and the Kitchen Sink

You will never be caught off guard. Your handbag organization may not look very organized, but you have everything you, your kids, your coworkers and or clients may ever need. You take care of others and yourself. This team instinct means that you love helping others succeed. This team approach is also how you view money and success “one for all and all for one.”

Phone Only

The phone only case that carries your essential cards has less to do with minimize and more to do with embracing the new and not being tied down to the old. Flexible and free you aren’t looking for any strings. Your idea of money isn’t old school with deposits and banks - auto payments, cryptocurrency, and barter are the way you roll. And with the fire in your eyes and heart to blaze your own trail - that is exactly what you plan on doing when it comes to success. Your way and on your terms.

Fashion First

Changing your bag style like you change your undies shows that you always want to be on point and making an impact. You understand the power of a first impression. And you know that a handbag is a great way to make a lasting statement. By using your bag to your advantage you are about making the most out of every opportunity even if that means you aren’t as efficient as you could be. You understand that relationships are the way to your success and your money. So you make sure to value relationships over all else.

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