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Just pick up any women’s magazine or jump onto Facebook, and you will see countless quizzes that declare to know what your style says about your personality.

Now I’m not sure what those quizzes are based on, but let me share the science and psychology side of various aspects that make up your style:

Do you wear shoes that make noise when you walk? Shoes that you hear before you see declare that you will own the room and you aren’t afraid of it.

Does your style involve a lot of contrast? A love affair with high contrasting colors says you are not afraid to make a statement,

Do you love the relaxed fit over structure? Your casual style reflects that your life’s obsessions are elsewhere.

Are you all about the classic standards in life? Classic lines and clean structure says you love organization, boundaries, systems, and relationship roles.

Do you wear the items that have the most sentimental value for you? If so, you are driven by your relationships before yourself.

Are you into small, understated jewelry vs. bold statement-making pieces? Small and understated reflects the idea that you don’t need to be seen to be successful at your work.

Do you keep your clothes long after they have been worn out? Your dedication to your clothes shows you are dedicated to other areas of your life.

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