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Who Are You?

It doesn't matter how often I or any other entrepreneurial expert says it. The truth is that being an entrepreneur and a successful entrepreneur requires you to know yourself. Know yourself inside out, grow yourself, evolve yourself and become a better human being. I know for many entrepreneurs, that's a positive thing because we all love to learn and have self-development. It's also the scariest thing for most entrepreneurs because they don't want to grow, and they don't want to get to that next level.

How can you overcome this desire to grow, yet this fear of actually growing? Well, the truth is that you have to know that for you to be a success. It is all about you. And that scares so many people because we are taught to have a teamwork mentality. Yes, teamwork does make the dream work when it comes to certain aspects of your business. But, as an entrepreneur, as the face of your brand, as the leader that you are, you have to lead. No one else is going to create the vision. No one else is going to have the passion. This is all about you.

For you to keep having this happen, for you to keep going day after day, month after month, and year after year, you have to personally develop who you are. That means sometimes business-wise, sometimes that means physical-wise, and sometimes that means emotional or spiritual-wise.

It is a deeply personal experience to be an entrepreneur, to build a business, have a brand, and be successful at it. Add on top of that social proof and being influential, and it's a ridiculously personal experience. If you don't know who you are, you will always be moved by the latest trend, the latest guru, or what someone online says about you.

Don't let trolls or anyone else influence who you are. You choose who you are. You know who you are, so rediscover what you're all about. Make sure that when you're clear about who you are, guess what, everyone else becomes clear about who you are, too. It's less challenging to be a leader. Your passion is there. People want to follow.

And that's the number one thing when it comes to creating social proof and intelligent influence. You want people to want to follow you. Personally develop yourself, and that happens along the way, too.

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