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Modern marketing can kind of suck some days.

In the age of multi-million viewed videos, what gets the watches are the weird, the gross, and the foolish- three words most professionals don’t want their brands associated with.

So if you don’t want to play the fool, you must be fearless.

To be fearless, you must be willing to be bold, original, opinionated, and non-PC.

And when faced with that, sometimes the being a fool approach may be easier.

And that is the exact situation all modern brands are in go against your professional and personal standards by playing the fool vs. being unapologetically, never back down, bold.

Far too many modern brands choose to play the fool. Because even though it isn’t who they want to be, the strength and unrelentingness of truly being fearless seem a bit much in this modern culture of backlash.

Whichever you choose fearlessly or the fool, choose it and be it.

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