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What Is Your Modern Marketing Gameplan?

Let’s be honest. I doubt you have a real marketing game plan. You may have thought about it. You may have read some articles and added random items to your “to-do” list, but you haven’t sat down and mapped out your marketing plan.

Winging it can work to a certain degree, but not for long and not with long-term results. And in today’s marketing marketplace, it is more complex than ever before to create a marketing game plan that converts and that you can cash in on.

Where do you begin with your marketing plan? With the end in mind.

  • Are you wanting long-term clients or high turnover?

If you want long-term clients, you have to find ways to add personalization. You also have to think about the long sale. So you aren’t going to send out a one-time-only sale email just because. As with your friends, everything must have a context to the mutually beneficial brand relationship at hand.

If high turnover is your game, then short, sweet, and to the point is your purpose. You can be edgy and funny, but everything is fast. Your tone is fast. The sale is fast. Fast, fast, fast.

  • Which platforms best create these types of relationships for your brand caliber?

Long Term: Strictly talking social media Facebook and Pinterest are the two platforms that allow you to easily create these long-term relationships. But if your brand is luxury (and trust me, it is), you need to get offline and into the real world.

Consider adding small tactical elements to your marketing plan. Think old school: handwritten cards, postcards just to say hi, a personal text or voicemail to let your audience know about an opportunity. This high-touch approach is what you need to keep your long-term clients loving you.

High Turnover: Because of this approach fast, moving platforms are the only way to go: Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. You need fast content to reflect the brand relationship you are creating- a no-strings, no commitment, win-win approach.

Luxury brands in this model can consider doing in-person events, but they do not have the same effect and payoff as the long-term plan. Instead, consider a scavenger hunt or partnering with an app like Pokemon Go to get people to interact with the real world and your brand.

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