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Do I Have To Do That, Be That, Say That To Be Profitable?

Let’s be honest the gimmicks that all of us are seeing on social media leave us wondering, “is that what it really takes to get the business.” From the corny videos to the gimmicky outfits, to tell your deepest darkest secrets- is being so seemingly unprofessional the only way to make bank?

The short answer is “yes.” The long answer is “no.”

Yes, gimmicks, corny videos, and much TMI work well for the weak-minded, lonely, and desperate. Now before you write saying how horrible of a thing to say. It is true. Here is how.

Gimmicky, cheesy, TMI moments work when we are already in overwhelm. When we are stressed out, we make poor choices. Our brains literally can't problem solve outside of fight or flight. Laughter reduces our stress levels and makes us feel happier at the moment. That happiness is associated with your brand. TMI makes us feel not alone there, for the brand is relatable, and in turn, people do business with people like them.

Yes, these tactics gain short-term sales.

But for long-term results. For an audience who isn't at the end of their rope, these tactics don’t work when they are presented with another offer- aka your offer.

So if you don’t want to play the stressed-out lowball card, stick to your verbals, your visuals, and your brand’s purpose, and in the end, you will win the business. You aren’t playing the short game, but in the end, your heart wins out over hype every time.

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