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We all know that the marketplace isn’t getting less noisy. Lives, stories, ads, funny hats, and being a total goof is seemingly what it takes to stand out from the crowd. But is it? Let’s be honest most brands don’t want to be on social media 24/7. They don’t want to create a buffet of free content in the hopes of clients. And they don’t want to make a fool of themselves. So what is a brand to do? First off, let’s get the record straight.

  1. Recognize that blogs and regular social media are the basics.

  2. Creating free creates an audience that wants everything for free.

  3. If your audience dictates to you about what foolish outfit or endeavor you are doing next- it means you are their joker, not their leader.

Now that we have that said let’s talk about ways to stand out.

  1. Traditional media is your friend. Traditional mediums like television, print, and large publications hold social proof better than any testimonial.

  2. If you are better than the average, then you have to do more than the average. The average entrepreneur barely blogs and randomly post. You have to choose better mediums to get your message out. That means going beyond your blog. Go beyond a solo post on your business page. Collaborate, sign up to be an expert, and get your solo book published.

  3. Be consistent. Consistency is the one thing that few brands do well. Consistency is a long-term game regarding your marketing efforts, but it works.

It is possible to stand out from the noise. Stop playing the games and up your efforts go beyond the ordinary.

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