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How To Write A Personal Brand Statement

How to write a personal brand statement is quite simple. A personal brand statement is a statement about what you are about. It is not a statement about who you are, aka a mom, dad, brother, consultant, etc. it is a statement about what you are, what drives you, excites you, and sets you on fire.

  • If the thought of writing your official “personal brand statement” sounds too clinical, collegiate, or stick up your bum boring- ask yourself, “What is my Soulfire®?”

  • Your Soulfire® is what lights you on fire. You have had it since you were a kid- what makes you ridiculously happy?

  • Discovering your Soufire® is easy as long as you are honest with yourself.

  1. Write out everything you loved doing as a kid, teenager, young adult, and now

  2. With each action of pure enjoyment and love, ask yourself, “why?”

  3. On a clean sheet of paper, tally up your “whys” (Trust me, you will see a repetitive theme.)

  4. Write your brand statement

  • Personally, by the time I got to number 3, everything pointed to me as either creating beauty, sharing beauty, or protecting beauty.

Now my methods of “beauty” are different: personal style, interior design, brands- but they were all based on creating something beautiful. And presto, there is my brand statement: “My soul’s fire is to create, share, and protect beauty in this world.” It came to be and hasn't shifted in 24 years. So what’s your Soulfire® statement? I mean, what is your brand statement?

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