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Writing the perfect copy shouldn’t be all that hard, but it is. Talking about yourself, making the copy witty, but not too witty, and copy that converts can be overwhelming.

  • First off, stop viewing your website copy as “sales copy.” It is a story. You are writing the best story ever told. How people just like your audience, aka your former clients, though amazing, had a need. And then, suddenly, the white knight appeared, aka you, and together everything magical happened, and dreams were realized. It sounds a little over dramatic for website copy, but I would rather see your copy be playful than stick straight boring. Once you have your tone right. Let’s talk about the pages. The truth is many people just approach their website copy all wrong from the get-go. When you know the point to each web page, the “what to say” gets a hell of a lot easier. Here is what the top 3 pages to any site should be about.

  • About page. Focus on the “why” in your story. Why them? Why you? Why this? Why now? Why does it matter? Why? Why? Why?

  • Bio page. Your bio should talk about your history. Use parts of your Genesis story to make your bio read like a story and not a cold resume.

  • Services/ products. Sell your former clients as the badass rockstars they are. Write about how your clients’ lives change in a big-picture way. Show them how you solve more than just the acute problem but solve their deeper needs. Everything we do, say, speak, and think is for a reason. The only way for your clients to know yours is through your stories, aka your website copy. And with all stories, these can grow, change and evolve. Website copy is seriously this easy.

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