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Everyone wants to make marketing out into this complex system. People want to make it difficult, so that is the reason why they can’t do it or that they are not successful at it.

It may be difficult to build that perfect 30-second Super Bowl Ad that becomes a viral situation. I don’t know. I haven’t created one of those yet. But to build a marketing plan that is doable, convertible, and profitable for an entrepreneur or small business - that’s a piece of a cake.

  1. Change your mindset. Your mindset is what is screwing you up before you have even left the gate. This isn’t about statistics and sales. Marketing is about connections that create cash.

Marketing is all about being that cheerleader who is nice to everyone in high school. You can talk to everyone and make everyone feel special. It doesn't matter if they are your perfect customer or someone who has paid you big- you make everyone feel special and important at the moment.

2. Know what you are really selling. Rid yourself of the mindset that the logistics of your product or service is what you are selling. It isn’t. You are selling the bigger picture that your product or service creates. You are selling the experiences your audience can now have when they control their own schedule. You are selling strength and fearlessness when you feel confident in how you look. You are selling life.

3. Sell by being you. Just like the cheerleader makes people feel comfortable and connected just by being herself. Sharing about your work and caring about your audience should be an organic 24/7/365 obsession of yours.

Yes, marketing isn’t a mystery. It just requires consistency.

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