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7 Ways To Get Your Brand Know

We all want to be known. Personally, professionally, via our businesses and our brands. It is human nature to desire to be known because if you are known, you are less likely to get kicked out of the tribe, plus you tend to be the one in charge.

You make all the rules.

Who doesn’t want such power when it comes to their brands?

We all hope that someday our brands will be so influential that they can dictate industry trends and customer whims like Oprah and Apple do. And the truth is we can. Here are 7 steps to get your brand known in a massively influential way.

  1. Have an opinion. We all know we are supposed to be “real.” Yet it is human nature to fit in and blend in. Stop blending in. Share your thoughts however that looks like

  2. Be unique. Say it, do it, wear it, be it - be as unique as YOU REALLY ARE. Don’t fake being extra expressive because you think that will get your attention. Know that you are an evolution growing into the different nuances that make you extra special. Own your extra special ways.

  3. Stay consistent. If you are living #2, then this is not an issue. If you are trying on different roles to see what fits and works for who you are evolving into- consistency is crucial. You can’t be a pony-loving hippy today and a goth horse meat-eating person tomorrow.

  4. Uplevel. Uplevel. Uplevel. Never stop improving. Keep evolving your business, brand, and message. Uplevel your offers, your message, expertise, and experience.

  5. DO! You must create, produce, and do. No one knows who you are unless you take action. Action is a must.

  6. Get on stage. You must choose to stand out to be seen. It is that simple. Get over your fear. Get over your stories. Get over the bullsh*t in your brain- and get on stage.

  7. Relationships win. Online world or not- life, your business, and your marketing options are all about relationships. Don’t think that a snide remark or burnt bridge there won’t come back to bite you in the arse. It will. Everything is about relationships.

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