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Finding Your Voice

Now more than ever, we are constantly creating content, not just visual but also verbal. When we are in an obsession mode of having to produce so much verbal content, if that's for a website, social media podcast, blog series, article, or just, well, your work in general, the truth is our tone of voice tends to change. Most women tend to put on their "professional voice" when it becomes business, but yet when they work with their clients, they're a little more casual and a little more relatable. We end up creating a mixed message when we end up writing a verbal copy in a certain tone but then speaking either on a podcast with our clients or on a blog series in a completely different tone.

Then, after this duality has lasted long enough, our clients aren't confused. We're confused. We're confused about who we are. Should we be super casual best friends, or do we need to be professional and hold that professional standard for ourselves, as well as for our audience? The confusion then just creates a lack of communication altogether, which of course creates a lack of consistency, which of course creates a lack of cash flow for your business. How do you find and refind your actual voice of how you show up in this world? First off, you have to know what you want to show up as.

When we are clear about how we want to be viewed as professionals, it's amazing how everything from our nonverbal communication, including our tone of voice and the words we choose, conspires to our benefit. Still, we must know how we want to show up in the world. Do we want to be that super polished professional? Do we want to be that fun, casual, casual, playful professional, or do we want to be our client's best friends? Whatever it is, it's completely fine as long as it is your authentic choice. Then when it comes to understanding our voice and how we show up in the world, our nonverbal communication does take over. It doesn't require a lot of thought after we're crystal clear on what we're about.

Our tone naturally does clarify itself. The words we choose naturally do clarify themselves, which then creates a more clarified message because everything from your nonverbal communication, and tone of voice to how you show up aesthetically in your style, all say the same message, making your client clear about who you are, making yourself even more crystal clear about who you are, and in turn helping you to be consistent. How do you break the patterns you currently have?

Number one, completely change up your environment. By changing up your environment, then you change up the pre-program expectations of what you do.

If you always write your articles or newsletters at your desk, don't write them at your desk because you're going to end up with the same tone and verbal aesthetic as you always have. Change your style.

Yes, changing your physical style does change how you perceive yourself. If in your mind a true expert wears high heels, then you need to wear high heels even if it's around your house, even if it's just sitting at your desk. Whatever you do, you need to ensure that your style matches how you see an expert and, in turn, yourself. Ironically, all this outward change does change the inward dynamic. It changes how your tone shows up, and it also changes how you communicate overall. No more lengthy newsletters just because.

No more struggle of just looking at the white page with a blinking cursor on your screen trying to figure out what to say next. Your authentic voice will come out, and then, in turn, your authentic message comes out. But it begins with understanding your true intention of what you see an expert as and how you see yourself in this world. Dream big. Be big. Be bold, and more importantly, be you.

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