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How To Show Up As You

No matter how big or small your empire may be at the moment, the truth is you have to show up. You are the heart and the core of what is going on in your business and your brand. And sometimes, that can be a great struggle for entrepreneurs. As entrepreneurs, we struggle with personal growth and development, still showing up for ourselves, our businesses, our clients, and our teams. So how can you grow personally and still lead your company, especially when you have some of those moments of weakness and self-doubt?

Well, to do this, you have to know yourself. I understand that sounds easier said than done, and it is. The truth is that when you look at what you're all about, when you look at your soulfire® when you understand your true why, and you understand your personality, those moments of not being able to fully show up because you aren't sure of who you are in the moment tend to be lessened. Because you know enough about yourself to know that this is a phase and this is an evolution. But at the core of who you are, the why behind what you're doing, and really who you are at the foundational levels are still the same.

So if you want to know how to show up even during those times where you're personally developing or those times where you're just kind of feeling a bit lost, remember two things. Number one, remember yours why. Your why goes back to your intention, a deeper purpose for you. Because it's that deeper purpose and passion that's been driving you all along and will continue to drive you in the future when the clarity rises again. The second thing to remember is you still are you. Yes, you're growing, and that's a very good thing. Because you must personally grow and evolve for your brand to grow and evolve. So understand some foundational cores of just who you are no matter what. Are you just direct no matter what? That's not a part of your personality that will change anytime soon. Do you love to have spirited conversations? Is that a part of your personality that isn't changing anytime soon? When you can objectively look at your personality and understand your positive and maybe not-so-positive sides of it, you're able to better understand when you are personally going through phases of evolution. Which will allow your team and your brand to stay on track as you grow and evolve. And more importantly, have them on point for when the clarity rises again so that they know exactly the next step ahead.

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