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Instinct and Intelligence

Working with businesses over the last 20 years, it's easy to see how people discount their instincts. We discount our instinct, especially in situations like a business where we don't feel secure in our knowledge.

Honestly, we want to put the onus and the ownership of what we do on somebody else because of our insecurities, yet our instinct is truly where our intelligence is at. Your intelligence is something that no one else, no expert out there, can duplicate.

Far too often, we go down the wrong path in life and business simply because we allow and assume someone else's intelligence is better than our own. We discount our instinct because it doesn't make sense, or who are we, or any of the other social stories based around a false sense of humility.

The truth is that our instinct is our intelligence. Our instinct shows us the right path. We would achieve more in life if we trusted our gut than somebody else.

How can you get in tune with your instinct?


We have to pause. We have to stop moving so quickly in life. It is hard to listen to that still, small voice inside you if you're going a million miles an hour. If you have all this outside information coming in at you, you must be able to pause and have space for yourself to know how to learn and discern your instinct. When you understand that, then you can begin to understand and hear that instinct calling.

Overcoming Logic.

Sometimes though, even though you hear the instinct calling, you still ignore it because it's not logical. Here's the thing. None of this in life is planned or logical. No one truly knows what they're doing. Yes, there are guidelines and social stories, but the truth is your road is truly your distinct road. Only you will truly know the best way of doing it. So even if logic doesn't say that's the right path, if in your heart of hearts you know this is what you're supposed to be doing. Do it. Even if it's the wrong decision, at least you can't regret it because you at least chose it.


When you put the onus on somebody else, you do what they say, and if it doesn't work out, two things happen.

  1. You become the victim because you say it's all their fault because you don't choose.

  2. It's harder for you to hear that still, small voice and remember what needed to be done in the first place. So then, you get lost, and you get yourself completely confused about what's going on.

Gut Before Science

When it comes to understanding, your instinct is to acknowledge that science does not understand everything. Understand that a higher power beautifully and wonderfully makes you with your heart, gut, and mind all working together for our greater good.

Trust the fact that you were born on this planet. Born into the country, the family, and the situation you currently have. it is all going to work out in the end if you simply have faith and trust your gut.

Give yourself space to hear your gut. Choose yourself over anyone else's well-meaning knowledge.

Remember, in the end, all of this is a beautiful design that we're a puzzle piece in the master puzzle, At some point, we'll see it all, but right now, it's our job to fit where we fit in. We do that by trusting our instinct.

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