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Long Term/Short Term Game

For many of us in business, we dream big. We dream of “Disney” big. Meaning we're going so far, so beyond, so life-changing, so revolutionary. That's how we dream, but that's not how we work.

Most of us work focused on the here and now and the day today. But that's not how Disney became a success. That's not how large corporations like Coke or Apple, or Microsoft became a success. They became a success and still are successful today because they think long-term and short-term. You're only thinking short-term.

How can you change your thought pattern so that you can be a successful entrepreneur in the short term as well as in the long term?

You have to be willing to see the forest from the trees and then just sometimes see the trees. When you look at the forest, when you're looking long-term, you're planning big. You have to understand that large corporations have planned a decade out.

How far out do you plan?

Most entrepreneurs don't plan really past a couple of weeks out. They may make vague ideas like, "Yes, I'm going to make a sale sometime in the fall," but there's no true plan. There's no true motivation or action to create the product or build the event. If it doesn't just happen, it doesn't happen.

That's not how large corporations become a success.

They strategically plan long-term visions and back all of that into short-term steps they can take. They're not just focused on the logistics of the everyday. They're always consistently adding and building for their future. That's how they become a success. That's how they become revolutionary and how these large corporations tend to have the perfect item at the perfect time, which means you can too. It's simply an act of planning.

instead of just focusing on what's on your schedule for the next couple of days, focus on what should be your life for the next couple of years and what you want your business to be a decade from now. How does that look?

Think big, dream big, just like Disney and just as Coke does. They don't plan small. They go large.

Go large and give yourself the time to grow into that. You don't have to produce a product and instantly get it out. It can take a bit of time to develop, and sometimes those products that maybe take the longest to get to market can be the smartest when they get there because you can think through all the details, really plan out the experience, and take a pause to not have to constantly create and then execute. You can slowly create, build a plan, build a strategy, grow the market, and have the market in place when you're ready to truly launch.

True success comes from a short-term and long-term view, so make sure that you're not just looking at the short-term success of your business, but you're looking at the long-term success too.

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