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Schedule For Success

Many people love being an entrepreneur because they think it means they have no schedule. They think the idea of having to wake up at a certain time and go to work at a certain time goes away. On many levels, it does for an entrepreneur, but staying in this constant vacay mode of not having to have an alarm clock or a day planner is going to kill your business in the end.

The truth is your schedule is your greatest friend when it comes to your startup and simply being a success. When you don't have a schedule in mind, and you just have a list of to-do's, it can become overwhelming, and it can become easily push-off-able.

Then you don't attain anything. You end up spending days where you get one thing accomplished when you could've gotten three things accomplished or four things accomplished, and then you don't make the success and the progress you want to make, which makes you frustrated.

You can solve all that by actually having a schedule.

Now I think paper schedules are best because your subconscious mind works better when the pen is in hand and papers at the touch. But if you're an online person, just write it down and, more importantly, stick with it.

The idea is that you're going to do a Facebook live at two o'clock if you don't have any intention of doing it. Your schedule is a way to keep you in check and point and keep you moving forward. It's your absolute best friend when it comes to being a success and getting stuff done.

If you're looking at other entrepreneurs wondering how in the world they are doing all of that, how are they writing the books and growing their businesses and being everywhere? It's because they have the schedule, and they're working their schedule. Their schedule isn't working for them.

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