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Stir Yourself Up

Being a startup can be a blessing and a curse. It's a blessing because you have the most passion, the most energy, and the most enthusiasm for what you're doing, but it can be a curse when all that begins to wane. When the energy isn't as exciting anymore when the drudgery of the logistics of the business overtakes your passion for it. What is a girl to do? Stir yourself up. That's what you're supposed to do. No one out there is going to keep you excited. Yes, your clients and the audience you serve when they give you positive feedback, make you happy. It excites you, but it's your responsibility as a startup to stir yourself up and keep that passion and excitement going. The easiest way to do that? 1.Take care of yourself. Yes, so obvious, and yet so not. Especially during the startup phase, many of us think we're superwoman, and we don't listen to our bodies. We work longer hours than we should. We take on clients that maybe we shouldn't, which creates more stress. And stress will make you unhappy about your business and make it harder to stir your passions up. But yet when you're well-rested, when you work with people that you love and you're doing the things you love, it's easy to stir your passions up. 2. You have to stay grounded. Meaning that no matter what anyone says, good or bad, it has nothing to do with you. When you realize this, and you embody that, guess what? What people say doesn't matter. Allowing you to stay intent on what you're about and keep yourself grounded. Because you want to accept all the positive accolades, but with every positive accolade, trust me, a negative one is coming. By staying grounded, it doesn't matter what positive or negative shows up. You're still there. You're still focused, allowing you to control your emotions and your energy so that way you can stir yourself up and keep ongoing. 3. The company you keep does matter. Make sure that you're only around people that believe in you. Being simply just around positive people doesn't help you if you're about ready to step in a big pothole or a big pile of poop. It doesn't help that they're positively happy about it. You'd rather have someone say, "Hey, walk around the dog doo-doo." So make sure you're around positive people who truly love you and have your back. When you know that you can trust that what you have to say isn't ever to harm but always do good. You're able to take any potentially "negative criticism" as what it truly is, a potential warning that you should maybe pause and fully think your next step through. When you have all three aspects in place, you can always stir yourself up because you aren't running on empty, you understand that anything people say, good or bad, has nothing to do with you, and you know the company you keep truly has your back. And that's how you keep yourself stirred up and passionate for anything in life, especially your business.

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