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The Power In Sitting Down

In many situations, sitting down is a position of weakness, but not always.

Here are two scenarios where taking a seat means you keep your influence.

  1. When you feel you are more important than the person greeting you. I know that sounds bad, but it is true. If someone comes to greet you and you are already seated. You stand to meet them as a sign of respect. If you don’t feel respect is needed, there is no need to stand.

  1. When someone wants to talk business. Many times we feel like we have to be top dog or should I say “talk dog” to win a business negotiation. And yes, biologically, the bigger opponent wins, but not always. If you are already seated, staying seated is “standing” your ground. Also, if you can have the other person “come down to your level” by sitting next to you- you have the upper hand.

It is in these situations where the knowing intention is way more valuable than getting trapped in the standard societal protocol.

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