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A modern marketplace is a content machine. Copy, videos, pictures, stories, graphics, and so much more are everywhere. We consider the meaning at the moment, yet few of us stop to think about the overall visual footprint we are creating. Besides the idea of just junking up the professional landscape, we must stop to consider the impressions that all of these pieces are saying. Do they show growth and professionalism? Or do they show that we get bored easily and jump from topic to topic? Before we can correct the situation, we must understand what our existing footprints show. Here is the skinny on how to see what your digital footprint looks like.

  • Clear your cookies

  • Open a new internet browser

  • Search yourself.

  • Run through the first 3 pages on all the major search engines.

  • Categorize the posts by topic

Once you are done with your research, step back and see what your digital footprint says. Does it say that you use to be a big deal but have been MIA for the last 5 years? Does it say that you do 100 things that don’t make sense together? Or do you not show up at all? Once you know what your digital footprint says, you can be intentional with both a short-term and long-term perspective of the type of content you create and share. To correct and enhance the story your impressions tell.


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