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What's Your Worth?

When we talk about knowing our worth, many of us instantly think about pricing, how in the world we price our service, our product out there. Knowing your worth has so much more to do than just the logistics of pricing because the logistics of pricing are just that, logistics.

  • How much time does this take?

  • What is the raw cost of goods?

  • How much delivery fee or back-end work is required, and how much does someone need to be paid to get such a job done?

Most of the pricing is logistics, yet for people who are service-oriented or design-oriented where they're creating the product, the truth is our worth truly does reflect in our price, so how do you know your worth?

You have to know what kind of brand you have. If you're a low-price leader, then guess what? Low price is where you're at. It isn't about your worth. It is truly about volume in sales that will then say you are valuable AKA you are worthy, but most of us need to be thinking of ourselves as the luxury high-end brand that we are. It's less about volume and more about the experience because that's why many of us have gotten into the businesses we have today. Because we love the experience we want to create for our audience, and our audiences love the experiences we create back.

With that in mind, it isn't about volume. It is about intentionality. It's about making sure that we don't shortchange or take a shortcut of actually delivering the right experience. Who doesn't know the difference between when someone genuinely asks you if you would like help or service and when someone is just giving you some placated answer that they know they're supposed to do so they don't get in trouble?

There's a big difference in the experience. Even little details of putting a ribbon around a box or tying it onto a bag versus without the ribbon. Even the quality of the ribbon. Double satin? Are you using that kind of stiff polyester stuff that you feel would give you a rash if you touched it for too long?

All of these details reflect what your worth is from your perspective but also reflect the worth of who you are to your audience, so make sure that you know the type of experience you truly want to deliver. What gets you off is an okay question regarding business because if you don't love it, how will your audience?

Lastly, you need to make sure that you understand the actual result you're creating. It's so much more than the tangible. It's so much more than making someone look good in a pair of jeans or making a business more financially successful. What you're delivering for your audience is so much more. Now don't go egocentric and think that it's all about you because it isn't, but make sure that you understand the true process of what you help your audience experience. Your customer’s experience because understanding that truly begins to define your worth for yourself, your audience, and in turn, your price point as well.

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