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When It All Sucks, How To Cheer Yourself Up

The art of influence is more of an energy and perception than anything else. We often talk about influence concerning others, but what about ourselves?

The truth is you influence yourself more than anyone else.

What you say about yourself, beliefs, how you move and do- you are setting yourself up for your future life. No matter if that is one filled with adventures and victories or mediocrity and drama- what you say, do, think, and feel right now is creating your future life.

You are influencing yourself.

Pretty scary and pretty fabulous too.

How do you influence yourself for the better?

  1. Watch the self-talk. Be conscious about the self-talk that automatically plays inside your head. This inner critic may seem harmless, but it wields great power over nonverbal communication. As we all know, if “we feel fat,” we go around “acting” that way.

  2. Rituals. Rituals may feel ol’ school, but brains love them. Rituals set our mind, body, spirit, and mindset up for success. Create a morning ritual, work ritual, end of the day ritual before the big sales meeting ritual. Rituals, when consistently acted out, prime us for success.

  3. Get dressed. Yes, your clothes matter! Use your clothes as visual cues to you and the people around you about your actions. Take off your gym clothes and put on your work clothes. The idea of ‘dressing for success” isn’t just a great tagline. It’s the truth.

Take back the power of influence in your life. It is a responsibility that will reap huge rewards.

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