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When To Let It Go

Sometimes have to let it go. If it is a relationship, a goal, or an idea that you had from childhood. Whatever it is, sometimes keeping it is not to your advantage.

Yet, how do you know when you should let it go or when you should dig in deeper?

Just because you're having opposition to it, to your goal, to your relationship, to what you're striving for, doesn't mean that that opposition is the road sign to stop.

Sometimes it just means you're on the right road.

How can you discern the difference between when you should let it go and when you should keep going?

Are you still passionate about what you're going after? Are you committed to the “why” and open to the “how”? If the answer is yes, then don't let it go quite yet. When you're committed to the end goal, it doesn't matter how you get there as long as you get there.

But many of us along the way are more committed to how we get there than when or if we get there. And that's when we should consider letting it go. Being attached to how you get to something, to the end goal, will be greatly disappointing.

You have to be attached to the “why.” Because when you're attached to the “why,” you're going to be more open to being a creative problem solver, and you're going to be more flexible in finding what works.

With society changing so quickly from technology to how we do relationships, being attached to the “how,” keeps us stuck in old-school thinking. It doesn't keep us proactively moving forward, which is what you need when it comes to achieving your goals. So, if you're attached to the “how” of it all, let it go. But if you're attached to the” why,” keep going.

Should you let it go?

It depends on when and where it's happening.

Be attached to the why more than the how, and be focused on what is truly in your intention in your heart. When you do that, it's clear if you should let it go.

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