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Why Systems Are Your Best Friend

The idea of creating systems, and even the word systems itself, is so not in vogue. Yet, our love affair with biohacking, organization, and day planners clearly shows that as human beings, we love a system.

Honestly, our brains, our biology loves systems. We naturally like to organize things so we can do better and perform more.

Though we love systems on our core level, our social inability to desire systems creates this dichotomy of stress within ourselves. If you want to uplevel who you are as a person and accelerate your professional success, systems will be the key. To do this, you need to get systems to rid yourself of every social story that says that systems are the man. Systems are controlling. Systems are limiting. The right system works. So once we get rid of the social stories around systems and realize that biologically, we are hardwired for systems, and when we have the right systems in place, we can use our biology and our subconscious mind to our advantage. Yes, we can accelerate our growth and success faster with the right systems. How do you know what the right system for you is?

1. You have to know where your struggles are at. Do you struggle with getting everything done? The idea of the massive to-do list just means that you stay still versus going for it.

Do you need systems around your time? Do you need systems around making sure that things get accomplished? Do you need systems or structures around actually growing, actually seeking out the information that you're looking for to get to your next level or goals? However, you need systems. Guess what?

It all varies. It varies on where you are in life. It varies on what aspect of your life is, but understanding your strengths and weaknesses are essential. 2. How do you like to learn? If you like to handwrite down, you need to make sure that you create systems that support that. You need to minimize the repetitiveness of any potential system. If you like to write things out, write them out and get to work. Don’t then type out the notes or upload the information. Because it is these menial tasks that hold us back and bog us down. 3. Do you give yourself time? Systems are habits. Just like the habits of how you think and how you speak, it takes time to happen. You've all heard the idea that it takes 21 days to start a new habit. Kind of sort of.

It takes consistency for at least 21 days. Many fail far too often simply because of a lack of consistency. Everyone's schedule tends to be different. You must see how you can always consistently keep things in your schedule. Get rid of the social stories, use your biology to your advantage, and consistently work the system that works for YOU. Your systems will evolve. You will evolve. You will be leveling yourself on every aspect of your life that you choose to.

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