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Picture it. You are at an event this person is going on and on telling you about their problem, and you know you are the answer to their prayers. Like seriously, you have the skills they need. But instead of jumping in and owning that “I am the girl for you (superhero cape flying magically in the wind behind you),” you meagerly say some passive-aggressive wimp like, “If you would like to discuss your situation further, I am sure that together we can come up with a solution.” Let’s send this meager person to the curb and stand by the fact that you are the perfect professional for your audience (not all people). Here are 3 ways to claim your expert status in any situation, all the while being the best version of yourself.

  1. Know your “Whys.” Why you? Why them? Why this? Why now? Know how to answer both sounds to these questions. “Why now?” in the positive and the negative aka take action and don’t take action scenarios. Play out all outcomes in your head. Practice so you can articulate it concisely.

  2. Read at least one “thank you” card or post a day. Besides the fact that positive love will do you good. Many times these notes tell you how you helped your clients in ways you don’t think of. By being cued on these deeper levels, you are allowing your subconscious mind to speak to the deeper need of this potential client- not just the practical. And we all know that if we can use the words our ideal clients give to us, we will attract more ideal clients.

  3. Stand grounded. And yes, I mean that literally. Two firm feet are planted on the floor. Tall, straight spine, and keep your head clear and focused on the moment at hand. And breathe… always breathe.

Being clear and direct that you are the right professional for a potential client is enlightening, not ego-driven. Own who you are, don’t back down and don’t downplay the successes you have achieved. People are looking for TRUE professionals, not Google experts. Be a true professional and stand in true power.

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