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How To Create Online Content That Converts

Who doesn't want content that converts?

The entire reason why 99% of us are online anyway is strictly to get the conversion. To get someone who we didn't know, to become a real client, paying us money and loving our products and service.

Most of us create what we know as content, yet most of us still struggle with creating content that converts. We spend lots of time, and money, making pretty Pinterest posts, creating Instagram quotes, and everything else. And yet we still get crickets.

From a brand perspective, this is a great challenge because we need to get a conversion. Social media and social proof are our modern-day marketing which everyone does. What used to be a newspaper ad is now all about creating conversion content. But, unlike an ad, it's a challenge for many brands to understand exactly what in the world your audience wants.

Thousands and thousands of dollars are spent on average every single year, let alone hundreds of hours, creating content that we think works. Yet we still end up with crickets.

How can you tell what content your audience wants?

Well, for most of us, our audience wants a lifestyle that we portray that we have. They want to know the skill, the business level, the body, whatever it is that supposedly we have.

1.Have what our audiences think we have. It isn't about being fake or phony on our side, but it's about walking the walk and doing the work. So yeah, if you're a health coach, and you cheat every so often, it's sharing that, admitting that, and admitting your struggles, but you still get back on the healthy wagon course.

Now, for everyone else, we understand that we need to walk our walk, and for most of us, we do on some level. But yet, it still is a struggle to consistently do it.

2. Play all out. The idea that a shoemaker has no shoes is very relevant to most entrepreneurs. If you are a business coach, your business better is on point. If you do branding, you better have some freaking killer brand. This will not just allow your audience to understand who you are and to create more desirability. They will also make you feel like the real deal. Half the reason our content isn't converting is that we don't play it all out. The second thing to create content that converts is to play it all out. Stop editing yourself, so stop minimizing how you would say it, stop being PC, and stop being like everyone else.

It's so easy to just tone down the message. Well, if you won't bring it, nor will your audience. And if you won't bring it, you end up like everyone else. And therefore, you are not discernible to your audience.

3. Be authentic. This is a word that is completely played out, but the truth is how you uniquely see the world. How you uniquely see your industry is exactly what people want to hear about. They want to hear it your way. They want to hear that raw truth. And yes, by being a brand persona, by having a brand, being a brand ambassador, whatever your role is in this world, it's requiring you to be a leader at that point, in that area, in that scope.

And yes, all the great leaders that we quote, all the brands that we desire, like Steve Jobs and Apple, and all of that, they weren't conventional, and they surely were not PC. Yet, we feel we can have the same result by being PC. We cannot. We must be authentic to who we are and how we see the world. Until you are ready to play all in, truly be yourself, and do your work, no content you create will ever convert.

That's why being a brand, having a brand is a deeply personal experience. You must personally develop yourself and, in turn, your business to be able to truly show up authentically and organically in the space.

If you want to create content that converts: do your work, be authentic, and be willing to show up fully as you are all the time. And guess what? No matter what you say or do, no matter how pretty a Pinterest post you create or Instagram quote you make, it will convert when you do you.

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