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Live The Wins

It could almost be called an epidemic in branding. The two wildly different approaches when it comes to sharing wins. School of thought number one shares everything with you. “Yea, for me, I got out of bed.”, “Yea, for me, I brushed my hair before my video meeting.”. “Yea, for me, I have two new email sign-ups.” Whereas a school of thought number 2 casually tells you, “My latest book just became a 3x bestseller.”, “ I was selected as the main stage speaker with Sir Richard Branson.” “Inc magazine just featured my brand in a 5-page print article.” These two different trains of thought completely speak to the time of brands they are. The thought number is typically tied to a newbie brand (less than 4 years old). And though their posts of success are lame- they get audience engagement. Whereas school number two is a more mature brand, their massive, amazing news gets ZERO traction because of their understated ways. What does this mean when it comes to your brand experience? Brand experience? WHAT?!?!?! Yes, brand experience. Most of our brand experience is on social media platforms with posts like these. So yes, these posts reflect what caliber of professional you are. Audience number one is having an experience- just with a narcissistic brand. While audience number 2 is having no experience. You are missing a HUGE opportunity for engagement. Now I understand your train of thought. Does this sound familiar?

  • True successful people don’t need to toot their horns.

  • It’s prideful to post your successes.

  • Well, it's just a Nobel peace prize. My big picture goal is ….

Your mild manner ways are creating a mild movement for your audience. And you know the truth. Working with you, experiencing your brand - nothing is mild about it. So let’s flip-flop these brands. If you don’t have huge wins, don’t share all of them with your audience. And when you have huge wins, live it up. Celebrate, share, and use it as a marketing and media tool. Your audience wants to know about your wins. By sharing your successes, you give them hope and inspire them to keep going. Plus, you show them what a badass you are without having to say it. And that’s a pretty cool experience.

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